Christian Leadership School

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Several events scheduled for next week in Mound Bayou

Dean/State Director Ethel J. Hill and Deans DeVoyce C. Morris and Monica Micou have announced the Bolivar County Baptist Association and the General Missionary Baptist Bolivar County Congress of Christian Education will host a Combined Congress beginning February 19 at 3:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Mound Bayou.  Following classes, Dr. Lonnie Gunns, Moderator of the General Missionary Baptist Bolivar County Congress of Christian Education, will deliver the opening message. On Monday, February 20, classes will begin at 6:00 p.m., and following the classes, Moderator Earl V. Hall, of the Bolivar County Baptist Association Congress of Christian Education, will deliver the message.  Students will have an opportunity to register for one of the eleven exciting classes taught by certified instructors.  The classes and instructors are:  Synoptic Gospels, Pastor Freddie Wince; Survey of John, Rev. Clarence Tolbert; Survey of Revelation, Dr. Morris McCaskill; Christian Stewardship, Rev. Willie Jackson; Foundation of Christian Ethics, Mrs. Sharon Hurn; History of Baptist, Rev. W. E. Tinson; The Deacon’s Wife Ministry, Mrs. Carlene Peterson; Organizing the Church for Christian Education, Pastor Earl V. Hall; Christian Evangelism, Pastor Reginald Hurns; Writing Techniques 1, Mrs. Bonnie Littleton Jones and Public Speaking, DeVoyce C. Morris.

On Tuesday, February 21, Dr. Michael O. Minor, the  local, regional, and national champion of faith-based health and wellness mobilization, will conduct a three-hour virtual seminar where registered students can complete the course in the comfort of their own homes using the Zoom platform.  

Minor is best known as the “Southern pastor who banned fried chicken in his church.” As a community organizer for over 20 years, Minor has worked on community empowerment, non- profit business development, and faith community issues. He currently serves as the under shepherd of the Oak Hill Baptist Church in Hernando president of the Mid-South Churches Cooperative Conference State Convention, co-chairman of the National Faith-Based Mobilization Network (Faith MoNet), and the National Director of the H.O.P.E. Health and Human Services Partnership of the National Baptist Convention, USA, (NBCUSA) Incorporated – the nation’s largest African American religious denomination. A published researcher, he provides advisory services for several local, regional, and national health related initiatives including the MultiState Plan Program Advisory Board in the National Healthcare Operations – Healthcare and Insurance Division, U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the American Heart Association National Advocacy Committee. 

For additional information on the Christian Leadership School, please contact Dean/State Director, Ethel J. Hill at 662-721-3791 or Dean DeVoyce Morris at 662-719-0090 and Dean Monica Micou at 662-402-00751.